About the project

The project aims to increase civic skills of direct participants and indirect beneficiaries through the promotion of European active citizenship. European identity will be developed through a close cooperation of participating countries and European union between sport, educational and local institutions and associations of the host country.
Poland and Finland are involved, moreover Italy.
It will consist in:

  • Preparatory step (to be carried out in the own country): working groups will focus on the country’s history and tradition in relation to European institutions and on the reasons that led each country to join the EU Treaties.
  • Body of the project: three days in the amazing setting of Spoleto (Italy). Through a series of active-participatory actions participants will contribute to build the figure of the “European Citizen”. There will be many studies and lectures on EU history and institutions, about the meaning of the “Myth of Europe” and about the future challenges. At the end of the week, participants will write a report to be sent to local and EU institutions. Furthermore, there will be a gala and an international sport event.
  • Following step: when participants will come back home, they will describe what they have learnt among institutions, schools and gyms, so that they will create a large number of indirect beneficiaries of the project. It will be simple and fun to remain in contact with each other and with the organizers through a dedicated website, its blog and the most popular social networks.

The project’s leitmotiv is the theme “Europe: from the myth to the fairy tale”; therefore promoters and participants will be able to let people understand the great effort, made during the ages, to unify so many countries without violence but the strength of a common culture and a common sense. The project will allow the kids to fantasize freely and to build their happy ending: a Union in which everybody can feel part of the European citizenship and participate in the institutional activities.